Skyfold Wall Systems

Vertically retractable. Automatic. Acoustic.

Skyfold uses a distinctive design to divide space efficiently while achieving the highest sound ratings in the industry. Skyfold operable walls are designed with the end-user and architect in mind to create clean lines, more space, less weight, and ease of operability.

  • Lowers from the ceiling as an “accordion”
  • Stores in a pocket in the ceiling, without tracks or jambs
  • Takes up no floor space
  • Can be set up in minutes with the simple press of a button
  • Classic, Zenith, and Zenith Premium are certified for Indoor Air Quality by SCS Global Services (SCS-EC10.3-2014 V4.0 IAQ Product Performance Standard for Building Interiors)
  • Offered in a variety of finish options, including markerboard
Certified Indoor Air Quality badge for Indoor Advantag Gold, Building Materials.
Iconic Awards 2021: Best of the Best Innovative Architecture: Skyfold.

Winner of the 2021 ICONIC Best-of-the-Best Design Award

The global jury convened by the German Design Council awarded Skyfold for its architectural design, superior acoustic soundproofing, and the unique benefits conferred by its innovative construction.

With an unlimited length, Skyfold Classic operable walls are perfect for spaces with large openings, like gyms and banquet halls.

The Skyfold Zenith Premium features advanced integrations like LED lighting, making it an ideal solution for professional office settings.

A tighter space doesn’t mean you don’t have options. The Skyfold Zenith operable wall is designed to fit smaller openings like classrooms and board rooms.

For connecting spaces to a larger building area, the Skyfold Mirage operable wall provides transparency and daylight transmission.

The Skyfold Prisma retractable glass wall boasts an acoustic rating of (STC 52/Rw52), and vertically telescopes to control sound and let light in.

Skyfold offers design and functionality advantages over typical horizontal folding partitions:

  • Superior acoustics
  • No floor track or wall jambs
  • No floor space used or required for panel stacking
  • Automatic 10-year warranty
  • Wall opens and closes in seconds
  • Push-button operation ensures ease of use for the end user
  • Obstruction-sensing device is standard
  • 6 lbs sqft dead load (versus live load, like a typical horizontal operable wall)
  • Less structural support required than a traditional operable wall
  • Unmatched reliability