Structures Unlimited: Daylighting Systems

Structures Unlimited is a premier, single-source manufacturer that provides structural skylights, skyroofs, canopies, and walkways. Their unique, pre-engineered box beam system can span areas in excess of 100 feet while providing a clean, finished appearance that is virtually maintenance-free, energy-efficient and highly corrosion-resistant. Their structural system, combined with Kalwall® translucent sandwich panels, forms a total building system that is ideal for LEED projects and can stand up to hurricane-force winds and massive snow loads.

Canopies and Walkways

Kalwall pre-engineered canopy.

Structures Unlimited’s aluminum structural framing system combined with Kalwall translucent panels offers an unlimited variety of canopies and walkways to meet your project requirements.

Clearspan™ Skyroofs

Translucent Kalwall skyroof in a high school.
Gain all of the advantages of our experience, technology, energy efficiency and innovations in museum quality daylighting with our selection of pre-engineered and custom clearspan skyroofs.

Removable Skylights

Removable skylights on the roof of a building.
These pre-engineered skylights are perfect for applications where large equipment ranging from MRI machines and HVAC units to brewing vessels need to be accessible or exchanged periodically with ease.

Structures Unlimited Benefits


Structures Unlimited offers single-source responsibility. There is no need for coordination of trades, or for third-party engineering or framing.

Precision Fabrication

With over 50 years of proven experience, we are able to fabricate your products correctly, down to the smallest detail. Everything is delivered ready for installation.

Faster Installation

Our single-source methodology includes installation. This means your installation is completed by efficient, factory-trained specialists. 

Fully Engineered

We provide all engineering services, including reaction reports, as part of our Delegated Design. This eliminates the expense and burden of coordinating with an external engineer. 

Turnkey Aluminum Box Beam Solution

Our unique building systems combines an aluminum box beam superstructure with a translucent structural composite panel.

Detail of Structures Unlimited Box Beam Solution.
Detail of Structures Unlimited Box Beam Solution.