Flexible Space Solutions

Now more than ever, flexibility is a vital component of building design. Spaces that can be quickly reconfigured to adapt to changes in use, environment, or health conditions are in high demand.

Abbey-Simons offers premium space division products that can be configured and finished to suit almost any commercial need.

Flexible Space in Use

Skyfold Mirage fully extended in a classroom


Health care facilities

Modernfold Comfort Drive | Abbey-Simons



Skyfold partition half-extended in a gymnasium

Gyms & athletic facilities

Skyfold Classic operable walls in a hotel ballroom

Hotel ballrooms

Euro-Wall folding door in a hotel

Commercial event spaces

Euro-Wall Multi-Slide Wall in a Restaurant


Modernfold PureView glass operable walls installed in a bank

Retail storefronts

Euro-Wall folding door in a hotel

Multi-family common areas

Skyfold Zenith in a conference room, halfway extended

Conference rooms

Performing arts venues

Our Flexible Space Brands

Skyfold’s vertical operable walls offer award-winning design and industry-leading acoustical ratings.

With a variety of finishes, acoustical ratings, and glass options, there’s a Modernfold solution for every budget.

Euro-Wall’s folding and sliding glass door systems are made in America with European design.