Daylighting Solutions

Natural daylight creates many benefits for building occupants, from visual comfort to improved mood. Especially in the Midwest, though, direct sunlight can also introduce unwanted conditions like solar gain and increased cooling costs.

Abbey-Simons offers a suite of industry-leading daylighting products to help architects, contractors, and owners control the direction and diffusion of sunlight into their spaces.

Our Daylighting Products

Translucent Facades

Translucent facades are an elegant solution for transforming sunlight into glare-free daylight in almost any space.

Translucent Canopies

Available in a variety of shapes and finishes, translucent canopies create balanced, diffuse lighting in transitional spaces.


Hurricane-rated, OSHA-compliant, and person-safe skylights are available in three unique shapes .


Flat or curved, energy-efficient skyroofs can span up to 24′ and are designed to withstand high snow loads.

Roller Shades

Commercial roller shades help make spaces usable year-round at any time of day by regulating light and heat.

Daylighting Benefits

Maximize visual comfort

Improve mental health

Reduce energy use

Achieve LEED or WELL v2 certification

Reduce sick days

Control shadows to minimize sensory issues

Naturally sanitize buildings and surfaces

Control heating and cooling costs