Kalwall: Museum-Quality Daylighting Solutions​

Kalwall is committed to providing the best museum-quality daylighting™ available along with superior thermal performance options – all while reducing a building’s carbon footprint. All Kalwall daylighting™ products rely on innovative, sustainable, lightweight structural sandwich panels that are revolutionary in fenestration technology for their combined light quality, energy efficiency, and solar control properties.

Kalwall: Beautiful Inside and Out

Kalwall Benefits

Museum-Quality DaylightTM
Superior daylighting:

  • Ensures visual comfort and acuity
  • Improves mood, productivity, and overall performance
  • Delivers healing effects for occupants

Best-In-Industry Thermal Performance

Customizable up to .05 U-value or R-20  for different building needs.

Best-in-Industry Solar Heat Gain Control
Customizable to as low as .04 SHGC for different climate zones.

Diffuse Light Transmittance
Perfect, Lambertian diffusion creates glare-free, balanced light that penetrates deeper into interiors, reducing the need for artificial light.

Comfort & Wellness
Natural daylighting promotes visual, mental, and biological wellness. Thermal comfort for building occupants improves health and productivity.

Fire Performance
Unlike polycarbonate thermoplastics, Kalwall’s Thermoset technology doesn’t melt or drip fire.

Superior Spans
Kalwall offers single-panel spans of up to 20 feet and roof spans up to 100 feet, but the minimal framing system means less substructure is required.

Low Maintenance
Kalwall panels are resistant to dirt and practical buildup. Simple rainfall cleans the surfaces, meaning reduced maintenance costs.

Lightweight Materials
Kalwall panels on average weight about 2 lbs per square foot, requiring less rigging and easy transport. They’re also factory unitized and modular for rapid installation.

With a high load capacity of up to 2,500 lbs and OSHA fall-through compliance, Kalwall panels are safe to walk on for installation and maintenance.

Energy Efficiency
Daylighting offsets electric lighting costs and reduces heating and cooling loads. Kalwall offers best-in-industry solar heat gain coefficiency values and U-values.

Safety & Security
Shatterproof, impact-resistant, and graffiti-resistant, with person-safe/fall-through compliance and line-of-sight protection.