Intersecting Skyfold Walls Create Flexible Space for FHLBank

"We are very happy with our investment. The Skyfold system creates the most professional-looking and versatile use of a large meeting space."

— Jamie Wright, FHLBank VP, Director of Building Services and Security

When Federal Home Loan Bank Topeka (FHLBank) needed to more flexible space options for the conference room of its new Topeka, Kansas headquarters, they chose an innovative system of intersecting operable walls.

FHLBank had previously used Skyfold in its former location and had been very pleased with its quality and performance. They knew from experience that the operable wall system would be easy to use and would create options for using the large space in different ways.

By using intersecting Skyfold operable walls, FHLBank was able to create a variety of configuration options that allowed the space to be used by multiple groups at the same time. An STC acoustic rating of 51 keeps the noise level between rooms low, so that conversations in each divided space can be had freely without worrying about sound bleed. This opened up more opportunities for meetings and classes and reduced scheduling friction.

Architect: HOK and SDG
General Contractor: MCP Group

Folding wall separating classroom in half.
When fully extended, the Skyfold Classic operable wall creates visual privacy and provides a 51 STC sound barrier.
Folding wall moving upwards to expand classroom size.
The intersecting plan creates additional options for space configuration - without floor jambs or tracks.
Folding wall moving upwards to expand classroom size.
The intersecting walls are flush, eliminating light and sound bleed.
Folding wall folded into ceiling.
When retracted, Skyfold operable walls retract into a ceiling panel. No floor or wall space is needed for storage.