Kalwall Skylight Repair and Replacement

Kalwall skylights are designed to last – but external forces like weather and structural damage can shorten their lifespan. Kalwall skylights or skyroofs that have discoloration, water damage, or show dirt or other damage will benefit from repair or replacement.


Kalwall skylight yellow from age and disrepair.
Aging Kalwall skylight before replacement.


Kalwall translucent skylight after repair and replacement.
The same location after Kalwall skylight replacement.


Abbey-Simons’ dedicated team of Kalwall specialists will conduct an on-site inspection of the interior and exterior space. We’ll photograph the areas of concern and provide a written audit that explains the aesthetic and functional issues that exist.


If the Kalwall skylight or skyroof can be repaired, a factory-trained team will outline what needs to be done and schedule the work so it doesn’t interfere with your operations.


Frequently, the Kalwall skylight or skyroof must be replaced because the damage is too extensive. We are the exclusive Kalwall dealer for eastern Kansas and western Missouri, so unlike other companies, we don’t replace your Kalwall skyroof with an alternative, substandard material. We only replace Kalwall skylights with genuine Kalwall skylights, certified from the factory. Protected by Kalwall’s warranties, your Kalwall skylight replacement will improve the look and operation of your building for years to come.

Kalwall translucent skylight in an office.

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