Skyfold Prisma represents a revolution in acoustical retractable glass walls. With an astonishing acoustic rating of (STC 52/Rw52), this vertically telescoping glass wall can control sound and let light in, reducing stress, enhancing morale, and improving productivity.


Superior Acoustical Performance

  • Superior sound isolation (STC 52 / Rw 52)
  • Quiet operation

Maximally Efficient Space Usage

  • Retracts into the ceiling to maximize floor space
  • No floor, wall tracks or visible hinges
  • Narrow path of travel

Ease of Operation

  • Fully automatic
  • Easy-to-use digital keypad
  • Equipped with a safety obstruction sensor
  • Lightweight

A Wide Range of Design Options

  • Available in Glass, etched glass, frosted or colored glass and a variety of standard finish options
  • Can be combined with solid panels
  • Unlimited width
  • Maximum height of 12 feet

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