Kalwall Skylights

Kalwall offers a range of skylights available with fast delivery. Kalwall handles extreme weather and is hurricane rated. Skylights are person-safe & OSHA fall-through compliant.

Kalwall skylight.


Kalwall translucent skylight in an office.

Budget-friendly, flat curb-type skylights are available in standard 1′ increments, either 4′ or 5′ W, from 4′ to 20′ L. Units are curb ready, with factory sealed aluminum perimeters, for rapid install.


Kalwall translucent skylight.
Factory pre-engineered in three standard pitches, from 4′ to 20′ W, in even one foot increments. Pyramids are designed for rapid installation from the outside and may be removable.


Looking up at a Kalwall Geo-Roof, a geodesic skylight.
A stunning and cost effective top lighting option, Geo-roofs® come from 8′ to 24′. Geos are a favorite in retail and lobby areas, as diffuse daylighting bathes areas below and showcases goods with perfect color.