Kalwall Facades

Kalwall facades incorporate proprietary thermal break technologies that address thermal bridging and localized areas of higher heat transfer.

Kalwall translucent facade glowing at night.

Wall Systems

Kalwall translucent wall system in an event space.
Our translucent wall systems offer a budget-friendly, elegant side lighting solution. From single story to mid-rise construction, Kalwall wall systems transform sunlight into glare-free daylight to enhance any space.

Unitized Curtain Walls

Kalwall unitized curtain wall on a spirits distillery.
Our factory unitized system adds operating or fixed vision glazing, louvers, or opaque panels to our Kalwall panels, and makes for rapid, easy installation. Single elevation to multi-story elevations are available.

Window Replacements

Kalwall window replacements.
Savings from retrofitting with Kalwall -the most highly insulated light transmitting fenestration system on the market, can exceed 400% vs. standard glazing systems.

Work: Construction of an elevator and removal of architectural barriers in the Gustavo de Maetzu museum in Estella (Navarra)//Promoter: General Directorate of Culture/Prince of Viana Institution of the Government of Navarra.//Architect: José Manuel Cutillas

Specialty Applications

Kalwall transluscent building facade.

Hurricane rated walls and windows
High impact options
Class A fire ratings
Blast resistant construction
Factory Mutual certified systems
Explosion venting systems