Modernfold Glass Wall Systems provide the beauty of uninterrupted glass, while being housed in a design that delivers smooth operation and rock solid stability. Modernfold offers four products under the Horizontal Rail System Model:


The Compactline arc adds harmony to the overall appearance by providing large glazed areas with distinctively curved top and bottom transitions. This option features a door closer option that is integrated as a concealed unit: an invisible solution that keeps lines smooth and uninterrupted.


The DRS system offers dry glaze sidelite rails to match door profiles, plus a complete range of bottom rails to meet ADA requirements. This system is available with either a sliding panel closure or a pivot panel closure. Optional floor closer and handles allow a pivot panel closure to be used as a pass door. The DRS design allows for snap-on covers, as well as on-site size adjustability and glass replacement.

PureView® / PureView Plus®

Introducing PureView®, the ultimate in space flexibility and daylighting.  PureView® provides a highly desired movable glass wall system that provides uninterrupted sightlines, a variety of glass options, double-brushed top and bottom seals, interconnecting floor bolts for convenience and security, a variety of anodized aluminum options, and the ability to powder coat in over 170 RAL color options.


  • Acoustically rated glass wall systems
  • Top and bottom rails for panel stability
  • Maximize productivity with daylighting
  • System of choice for applications with complex layouts or needing remote pocket storage
  • Smart Track™ suspension system simplifies setup and storage
  • Straight line, angled or circular configurations
  • Full wall panels with corner and angled elements
  • Single and double pass doors available
  • All working parts are integrated into the profiles, creating a seamless look
  • Lightweight for ease of operation
  • 2-year warranty on all systems

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