Our flexible space and daylighting solutions for higher education help architects and owners create superior spaces for learning, including:

Flexible Spaces

We offer well-designed, easy to operate, acoustically rated operable partition systems that meet the space, sound, and health requirements of educational design. Whatever your space planning and configuration needs, Abbey-Simons has a solution for you. 


Skyfold Classic, fully retracted.
Skyfold Classic, fully retracted.
Skyfold Classic, halfway extended.
Skyfold Classic, halfway extended.
Skyfold Classic, fully extended.
Skyfold Classic, fully extended with full-height markerboard surfaces.
Operable wall used in a classroom.
Modernfold operable wall with markerboard surface.
Skyfold Mirage operable wall.
Skyfold Mirage operable wall.
Skyfold Zenith Premium operable wall half-extended.
Skyfold Zenith Premium operable wall, half-extended.


Glass operable wall in school library.
Modernfold Acousti-Clear automated glass operable wall and doors.
Intersecting Skyfold operable walls.
Intersecting Skyfold operable walls.
Modernfold operable walls in a library.
Modernfold Acousti-Seal operable wall with 56 STC.

Common Spaces

East Trails Skyfold Classic operable wall fully retracted.
Skyfold and Modernfold combination that opens to a gym on one side and a cafeteria/auditorium on the other.
Glass operable wall in a university.
Skyfold Mirage glass operable wall.
Skyfold operable wall in a theater.
Skyfold operable wall, half-extended.


Our industry-leading daylighting products help control the direction and diffusion of sunlight into educational spaces.

Translucent Kalwall skyroof in a high school.
Kalwall translucent skyroof.
Kalwall translucent facade in a learning lab.
Kalwall translucent facade.
Translucent facade in a common learning space.
Kalwall translucent facade as a clerestory.
Blackout shade in a school lab.
Blackout shades in a classroom lab.
HIgh school classroom with floor-to-ceiling commercial rollershades.
Classroom rollershades.
Roller shades in a classroom.
Rollershades for interior classroom windows.

Premium Products, Available Exclusively from Abbey-Simons

We are proud to be the regional distributor for brands that meet the highest architectural standards:

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