ZONA Glass Wall Systems enhance a corporate entranceway and transform offices into a conference room, making the overall area more open and inviting.

An office with a breathtaking view needed a transformation with minimal disruption.

ZONA 1 was an excellent choice for this application. With its single glazed system and thin black frame, not only is the view of the city skyline unimpeded, but the entire room became more spacious and appealing.

Office lobby and conference room.
Office room with operable glass walls.
Center hung to provide a smooth transition from open to private meetings, these ZONA 1 Paired Panels are the ideal solution for this location. They bring in an abundance of light and scenery while keeping meetings acoustically private.
Office conference room with movable glass walls pushed open.
Easily stored when not in use, the ½” thick clear, tempered glass panels stack discretely out of the way, employing custom trollies that allow for flat stacking of the panels.
Office conference room interior with movable glass walls that are open.
Spanning 40 feet, these swing panels are able to be disconnected for a more segmented approach. The first panel contains a pivot door entry into the room, followed by five pairs of center pivot panels that open and stack on either or both sides of the room.
Office conference room with glass walls open.
The center panels are balanced so that a floor track is not required. Made of aluminum with high recycled content, the black anodized frame not only provides strong support, it’s environmentally and scenic friendly.
Office conference room with movable glass walls.
Concealed floor plungers are used for easy transitions from open area to closed conference room. The Pivot door is on Rixon offset pivot hinges with a black 48” ladder pull.
Detail of Zona Glass door hardware.
Close up of panel hinges and effortless top seal.
Office conference room with glass walls.
Acoustic control is achieved with top and bottom seal coverage and comprisable vertical seals to provide privacy for both inside and out of the conference room.
Office lobby and hallway with glass conference room.
ZONA Glass Wall Systems provide an easy resolution to keep the space open and light while sealing out the sound of the surrounding area.