Creating flexible options for functional spaces.

Two LYNX TELESCOPIC™ moveable walls allow light to permeate the room and give full view of the surrounding grounds.

At 30 feet wide x 10 feet high, this is the largest installation to date, showing LYNX TELESCOPIC is customizable to any location.

ZONA Glass Telescoping Walls improved a community clubhouse’s aesthetics and functional capabilities.

The ½” single glazed tempered glass provides an elegant view of the common room and surrounding area, perfectly showcasing the beauty of the rooms within.
Effortlessly movable, the sliding panels stack neatly to the side until ready for use.
The custom powder-coated black frames with color-matched track provide minimal obstruction of the view when locked into place.
The Omnia handles make opening and closing a breeze.
Utilizing floor sweeps, this LYNX TELESCOPIC provides an STC of 38, making for great acoustic separation.
Adjacent to the black LYNX TELESCOPIC moveable walls, additional units in white showcase the extensive customization options available,
Separation from the game room to the kitchen area is further achieved by employing ½” single glazed tempered glass.
The twin panel stacking system stack securely to the side when not used, accommodating the space while meeting the challenges.
The Omnia pulls allow for the doors to close firmly into place and lock.
The top track provides smooth transition from big party room to smaller, more private sections.
The bottom seals contain double sound barrier fins, providing an STC rating of 38.
One special feature of this installation is the track system. This is the first instance of using side-mounted encased track, powder-coated white to match, making the top track almost invisible.