A comprehensive solution that implements durable, elegant and versatile glass wall systems

The challenge: a sophisticated solution to elevate the aesthetic appeal of the space and provide much-needed privacy and sound separation

A ZONA 1 model featuring true state-of-the-art swing doors, crafted with tempered clear glass with applied chroma real fluted glass, ensured a chic and delicate appearance while still keeping ample privacy.

The space provides a welcoming, rejuvenating, and productive environment to those occupying the floor, making it a prime example of how effective design and innovation can enhance the workspace.
The amenities space features a unique lifestyle and wellness experience for tenants. The hospitality-focused program also includes a range of services such as a yoga room, phone booth rooms, open seating area, and daily social and wellness activities. The goal of this renovation was to create a space that would foster productivity, creativity, and well-being of the occupants.
The space now boasts stunning walls made of laminated ribbed glass, implementing an impressive visual impact and refined aesthetic. This type of glass features a unique ribbed texture that creates an elegant interplay of light and shadow, adding an extra layer of dimension to the space. The laminated construction of the glass ensures a high STC and is durable and long-lasting, making it a clear and practical choice for the high traffic amenities space.
All ZONA single glazed systems were thoughtfully crafted with standard face-mounted door closers and magnetic door holders, guaranteeing a cultivated and uninterrupted aspect. The installation also featured four swing doors, each adorned with a 48” TCS Black ladder pull, further enhancing the modern design.
ZONA 1 defined individual spaces like the phone booth rooms, while still providing an open feeling with controlled acoustics for the overall spaces. The tempered glass and chroma real fluted glass showcased a durable and high-quality design that will withstand daily use. Additionally, the non-locking ladder pull handles and center pivot hinges added an extra level of convenience to the doors.