The Panda TSXO luxurious, award-winning commercial door system is made exclusively by Panda Windows & Doors. Incorporating mesmerizing glass paneling and an ultra-thin profile less than an inch thick, the TS.XO Door System looks to redefine your current high-end workspace. These expertly crafted doors can greatly enhance the atmosphere of each of the rooms in which they’re installed. The TS.XO Commercial Door System is designed to make the best impression possible, drawing in viewers with its beautiful style.


  • High-quality engineering and durable steel rollers allow for smooth operation and transition over the longevity of the system
  • Weightless feel even when operating the system panels in excess of 800 lbs
  • Proprietary 6063-T6 aluminum extrusions
  • Panels can be as tall as 16 ft
  • Oversized glass panels are available as large as 250 sqft
  • Pocketed panel storage system
Panda TSXO commercial door installation | Abbey-Simons

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Panda TSXO glass door system | Abbey-Simons
Panda TSXO glass door system installation | Abbey-Simons